What is DZIP?

A secure, online data hygiene and data enhancing portal

Data Zoo Information Portal (DZIP) is New Zealand’s next generation in instant file processing.

DZIP is a secure self service web portal designed to assist customers better manage and update their customer data instantly in your own environment.

No need for risky data transfer to third parties only to wait several days for your data to be returned. DZIP updates your data instantly. DZIP can process 500,000 records per hour.

Upload a file in a CSV or Excel format and just wait for a email response to advise that all your data has been cleaned and washed. It’s that simple!

DZIP provides direct access to our name, address hygiene solution as well DNC, DNM & DL suppression listings. It also provides direct access into Data Zoo’s third party data solutions to help you validate and append additional data to your customer data.

DZIP is NZ Post compliant and fulfils your statement of accuracy requirements for NZ Post as an SOA classification code is returned for every New Zealand address. AN SOA certificate is issued on the complete file processed.

You only pay for what you use

DZIP Functionality

DZIP enables you to:

  • Name standardisation
    • Appending titles to a name
    • Separate joint names and initials
    • Separate company name
  • Address Cleaning,validation and standardisation
    • Validate existing address
    • Standardise and format your address correctly.
    • Try and correct bad addresses or fill in the gap for incomplete addresses.
    • Append DPID,meshblock,regions and territories to the data provided.
  • Statement of Accuracy, SOA
    • SOA codes appended to each address,(valid or invalid).
    • SOR text string that indicates why an address was invalid.
    • SOA certificate issued.
    • SOA certificate updated with NZ Post daily.
  • NZ Marketing Association suppression listings (updated monthly)
    • DNC – Do Not Call
    • DNM – Do Not Mail
    • DL – Death Listings
      • Matched record returned with lodgement date.
  • Telephone number validation
  • Email address verification
  • DOB standardisation
  • Duplicate matching
    • Name & Address (Address & or name and address).
    • Phone (surname and phone number & or Phone number only).
    • DOB (Name & DOB).

DZIP (advanced)- Customer name and address solution